Interview With DR KARA

Lacausa, renowned for our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, is proud to feature Dr. Kara Alexzander, a luminary in the realms of Chinese Medicine and holistic wellness. This collaboration highlights our shared mission: to foster a world where sustainability, health, and empowerment are not just ideals, but realities lived daily, especially for women.


In our exclusive interview, Dr. Alexzander discusses her transition from Environmental Studies to Chinese Medicine, offering insights into holistic success, the unique challenges faced by modern women, and the integration of ancient wisdom in contemporary life. Her approach, which intricately weaves the principles of Eastern medicine with a deep respect for nature and individuality, resonates profoundly with Lacausa's ethos. 


Q: What inspired your transition from Environmental Studies to Chinese Medicine?

A: My shift was driven by a desire to explore health beyond the constraints of conventional regulations. Chinese Medicine, with its emphasis on personal empowerment and individual health understanding, presented a path that aligns beautifully with sustainable living principles.


Q: How do you define holistic success, and why is it important for women?

A: Holistic success is the integration of financial stability, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. It's especially vital for women as it encourages a natural, empowering approach to health, countering the trends of increasing health challenges and reliance on medication.



Q: What unique challenges do modern women face, and how can ancient wisdom assist them?

A: Women today balance diverse roles and face societal expectations. Ancient wisdom, especially from Eastern traditions, offers health solutions that respect individual lifestyles and emotional states, aligning perfectly with Lacausa's vision for a sustainable, respectful approach to life.


Q: Can you discuss the importance of dietary choices in women's health?

A: Diet is pivotal in shaping women's health. The individualized dietary guidance from Eastern medicine contrasts the one-size-fits-all approach often seen in the West, aligning with Lacausa's belief in the uniqueness of each individual.


Q: Why do you emphasize continual growth and learning for women, especially entrepreneurs?

A: Continual growth is key, particularly for women entrepreneurs. It involves redefining roles, embracing both nurturing and assertive qualities, mirroring the balance Lacausa seeks in its sustainable and ethical practices.


Q: How does Chinese Medicine contribute to emotional healing and liberation in women?

A: Chinese Medicine creates a link between diet, emotions, and overall health, guiding women to understand how lifestyle choices impact emotional well-being. This holistic health approach is a cornerstone of Lacausa's mission.



Q: From your holistic perspective, how crucial is sustainability in personal and professional life?

A: Sustainability is vital. It's about aligning with nature and sustainable practices in all life aspects, a philosophy central to both Lacausa and my practice. It leads to deeper fulfillment and success, harmonizing our environment and innate bodily rhythms.


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